4 Book Nook Ideas to DIY

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Book Nook

Summer is around the corner, and the kids will be out of school. What are you going to do?! Start with a Book Nook! Find an unused corner or convert a closet to display your child’s favorite books. Entice them to read books for boys by creating a comfortable cozy setting where they can travel to other worlds. I have rounded up some of my favorite ideas below.

Book Nook Gutter Shelves

Gutter Shelves from Sunshine on the Inside

Did you partake in the Gutter Shelf craze a few years ago? I have to admit – I totally did! Although my attempt did not turn out nearly as nice as Beth’s from Sunshine on the Inside. She gives some great tips on keeping the shelves level and stable, and the best part is – you only need a corner!

Book Nook Reading Room

Closet Turned Reading Room from Maison de Pax

Rachel Paxton from Maison de Pax has some great tips for turning a small space into an inviting book nook. All you need is somewhere to sit, something to read, and somewhere to write (like the awesome wall decals she used on the left!).

Closet Book Nook

DIY Closet Makeover from Thrifty Decor Chick

Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick built this bench and shelves herself to give her little boy a small space to read and dream in! She even had a dimmer light installed so it could double as a night-light. Talk about multi-purpose!

Corner Book Nook

Corner Book Nook from The Ready’s Home

Some shelves from Ikea and a bean bag chair make a cozy corner like Camille from The Ready’s Home made in their playroom.

Have you made a special book nook for your boys? We’d love to see your pictures and ideas! Share with us on Facebook or below in the comments.

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