About Snazzy Lads

Thanks for stopping by! I am Sarah, a stay at home wife, and a mother of two rapidly growing boys, ages 8 and 6. We live in South-Central US, and stay busy with church, school and the many shenanigans Snazzy Lad 1 and Snazzy Lad 2 cook up. I have always been a bargain hunter. I can remember heading straight for the clearance rack when entering a store as far back as high school. I love playing the “How much can I save?” game.

For the past few years I have bemoaned the fact that attractive quality clothes for boys are getting difficult to find at a decent price. Then I realized I don’t just bargain hunt for clothes – I am always searching for the best price I can get on my sons’ toys, shoes, you name it. I often find myself telling others about the deals I have come across. I started wondering why I am limiting myself to only telling people I know.

Enter Snazzy Lads. Here I will share the best deals I find on boys’ clothes, accessories, and toys, and hopefully some helpful tips on raising boys along the way. My goal is to post items that are at least 50% marked down and can be purchased online. (Because who has time to run to the store to grab a deal that will probably be gone once we get there?) Occasionally, I may post something that is not quite half off, but is a steal. Am I going to find every deal? No. As much as I would like to spend all day every day looking, I do have to stop every once in a while to make sure my kids are fed. Did I mention I have boys? They are ALWAYS hungry. But enough about me. Let’s get shopping! Thanks for joining me on this journey and I hope to see you back again soon! ~ Sarah