How to Get Video Games on the Cheap

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How to Get Video Games on the Cheap

If you have any sort of gaming system in your house, you know how expensive new games can be. New editions of some games come out annually, and your son may feel that having that version is a necessity. Here are some tips on how to get video games on the cheap without breaking the bank.

Start with an older system

If you don’t already have a gaming system but are considering buying one, start with an older system, especially for younger children. We started out with a Wii a few years after they had hit the markets, and we bought ours refurbished. So instead of paying $250, we paid about $50 for the console and remote controls. Another benefit was that the games were outdated, so they were also heavily marked down.

Buy Used Games

You can find some great deals online at various sites like Amazon and GameStop. When shopping on Ebay, keep up-to-date on their money back guarantee. You should be protected if you purchase a game that doesn’t match the description of its condition.

Sell Your Old Games for Store Credit

Once a game has been played and every level conquered, boys tend to lose interest in them. They need something else to conquer. Make a deal with them that if they weed out some of their older games, they can use the money they make to buy a new(er) one.

Most game stores have a trade-in program. You can take in your used game disks in fairly good condition, and they will assess them and give you a trade-in value. If you have a GameStop in your area, consider joining their PowerUp Rewards Program, which gives you points for every dollar spent that you can redeem later on.

Amazon also has a great trade-in program, and is pretty much hassle-free. You simply head to the Video Game Trade-In site and search for the game you want to sell. If Amazon is currently accepting trade-ins on that game, they will list a trade-in price. You can choose to accept the offer, and follow the prompts for shipping the game to Amazon. You will have to fill in a return shipping address form, confirm the trade-in price, and then print the shipping label. You can also choose to have the item shipped back to you if it appraises for lower than initially estimated.

Sign up for a Game Rental Service

Gamefly is a video game rental service similar to the original Netflix subscription. You pay a monthly subscription to check out 1 or 2 games at a time. You can keep them as long as you want, and then return them or buy them at a discounted price. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial, and once the trial has expired, choose to pay $15.95 for 1 game at a time or $22.95 for 2 games at a time. Shipping and handling charges are included in the subscription. This is a great way to try a game before you buy it.

If you own an Xbox One, you can subscribe to EA Access for $30/year, which gives you access to a treasure trove of games, including older Xbox 360 titles. You can also get access to pre-release trial games and 10% off digital EA purchases.

You could also consider the Xbox Game Pass, a $10/month subscription that downloads the game to your system (rather than streaming).

PlayStation Now starts at $9.99/month and offers over 400 games available to play on the PS4 (and Windows PC).

There are other services out there, so which service you choose depends not only on your platform, but also on your budget. If you only purchase two or three games a year, a subscription may not be a beneficial service.

Don’t forget to Check Your Local Library

Our county library carries a small selection of games for various devices, and we are able to check them out a week at a time, with two more weeks of auto-renewal available if no other patron puts a request on the game. Three weeks for free is not a bad deal, even if you have already played that game before!

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