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I am a big fan of our County Library. When my Snazzy Lads were younger, before they started school, we went to almost every activity available – the Story Times, Monkeynastix, and more! Now we are farther away from the library, and with all the other activities we have going on, we don’t make it there as often as we’d like. That’s one of the reasons I was so excited when I heard about Hoopla!

What is Hoopla?

Hoopla is like having the contents of your library at your fingertips – the books, audiobooks, cds, and even movies and shows are available on the electronic of your choice. All you need is a library card with a participating library and an email address. When you begin the registration process, Hoopla will use your location to pull up participating libraries in your area. Once you have selected yours, you simply enter your library card number, and you’re good to go! It’s completely free!

You can access books and more by downloading the Hoopla App or going online. Limits are set by your local library as to how many “borrows” you get each month. For example, my library allows 10 Borrows each month. If I want to check out a book, it will be available for 21 days before being automatically returned. The beauty of this is no late feesMovies and Shows can typically be checked out for 72 hours, and music for 7 days.

Kids Mode

My favorite aspect about Hoopla is the option to enable Kids Mode. Once you have registered an account (a separate one for your child if you plan to use Hoopla, too), you simply go to the settings and toggle the Kids Mode switch to “On”. This hides all content not deemed suitable for kids 12 and under. Parental guidance is still encouraged, but children are much less likely to run into questionable material. Plus, if they have a hard time making decisions, they can browse leisurely without making you stand in the aisle at the library forever!

So what are you waiting for? Follow the links below and check out Hoopla for yourself!

Hoopla on iTunes Hoopla on Google Play Hoopla Amazon Appstore

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