How To Make A Lego Maze

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How to Make A Lego Maze

If you haven’t created a Lego Maze before, fear not. I have rounded up some awesome examples to get you started on this creative journey.

The first thing you will need is Legos, of course. Starting with a base plate is ideal, but if you don’t have one, you can create a flat surface with the Legos you have on hand. You will also need a marble or similar small ball – to travel the maze.

Lego Maze Marble RunLego Maze Marble Run

After creating the flat surface, build the border of the Lego maze next. Be sure to leave a gap as the entry to the maze. Continue to build your walls, and take care to leave enough space on the path for the marble to fit.

Lego Maze Marble Run

The larger the maze, the more fun it is to play afterwards. The knobs on the Lego pieces actually make it more challenging to get the marble to go where you want it to go. You could make a game by timing the players to see how long it takes them to get the marble in each corner. Some of them can be pretty tricky!

How to Make A Lego Maze

We started small this time, but here is some further inspiration to fire up your creative synapses.

From Detroit Mommies

Make Your Own Lego Marble Maze

Check out This Heart-Shaped Maze from Little Bins for Little Hands

Lego Heart Marble Maze

From Controlling Craziness

Controlling Craziness Lego Maze

From Science Sparks

Science Sparks Lego Maze

Have you made a Lego Maze? We’d love to see them! Happy Building!

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