Kids Say the Funniest Things

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I am thrilled that my kids love their school teachers. That may change once they get older, but for now, I am going to enjoy it. My Snazzy Lads are always giving us suggestions on things to do or how to do them based on the way their teachers do them.
The other day, I had a conversation with Snazzy Lad 2. While I am running around the house putting things away and generally tidying up, he is watching me.

SL2: “Mom, you know my teacher does Spring Cleaning? She told us about it in class yesterday.”

Me: “Oh. That’s good.”

SL2: “Yeah. We should do Spring Cleaning sometime.”

Me: … (at this point, I just laugh while shaking my head, and keep on moving)

What funny stories do you have to share?

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