“Raising Boys Is a Full-Contact Sport” by Rachel Balducci

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Raising Boys is a Full-Contact Sport

If you remember back to when you first found out you were going to have a son, you more than likely heard your fair share of boy stories. Those stories probably ran the gamut from how fun boys are to how messy they are. Some well-wishers shared the good times, and others probably tried to warn you for the battles ahead. Then you got pregnant with your second son, or third or fourth, and the looks grew increasingly pitying, the stories got more depressing.

For the moms out there who need a good laugh, grab a copy of Raising Boys is a Full-Contact Sport by Rachel Balducci. As a mother of five boys (five!) and one daughter, she has surely waded through enough laundry to clothe a kingdom, and kissed her share of boo-boos. Instead of focusing on all the negatives, she has compiled seven chapters of memories, tips and advice for mothers of sons. I guarantee this book will have you laughing out loud and shaking your head, and probably thanking the Lord that your son hasn’t done that (yet).

My favorite section of the book may be the rules she has had to make, and phrases she never thought she’d say. You may find yourself adopting some of her rules, and making some new ones as a preventative measure.

Raising Boys is a Full-Contact Sport is for soon-to-be moms, first time moms of boys, moms of toddler boys, middle-school boys, and teenage boys. Rachel gives hilarious insight into the ways and minds of boys through her own experiences as a mom. Get a copy of her book on Amazon, or check your local library.

More about Rachel Balducci

Rachel Balducci is also the author of How Do You Tuck in a Superhero, and has blogged at testosterhome.net since August 2004. Be sure to check out her other writings for help navigating the awesome path known as motherhood.

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