Tootsie Pop Flowers – Teacher Appreciation Craft (with Printable!)

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Tootsie Pop Flowers - Teacher Appreciation Craft

As the school year begins to wind down, I’m trying to get some of my ducks in a row before it’s the last minute. One thing we like to do is make a Teacher Appreciation Craft as gifts for the boys’ teachers. Teachers’ Day falls on Tuesday, May 8, this year, and Teacher Appreciation Week is from May 6-12. These Tootsie Pop Flowers are an inexpensive Teacher Appreciation Craft. Even better, they are easy enough for the little ones to help with. You can also check out the free printable name tags for attaching to the flowers.

You Will Need:

Tootsie Pops (6 per flower)

Tape, twine, rubber bands, or similar equipment

Ribbon or string for attaching the name tags

Printable Name Tags

Items for Tootsie Pop Flowers

Divide the Tootsie Pops by color, choosing one color for the petals, and an alternate for the pistil (center). Once you have them arranged to your preference, tie them or tape them up.

Tootsie Pop Flower

Print out the name tags, and label them. Using a hole punch, create a hole to string the ribbon through, and then attach to the Tootsie Pop Flower.

Tootsie Pop Flower Printable

And voila! You have a cute and inexpensive gift for your son’s teacher.

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